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Cultural association

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StuporMundi Jazz Club events

StuporMundi is a heartfelt association that organises cultural, musical and artistic experiences in various locations around the world.

Inspired by the passion of its founders, Luca Moretto and Rosario Estella Fernández, StuporMundi is a tidal wave, a travelling theatre, the guy who stops to listen to a story.

These experiences can take many forms: concerts, conferences, events… vibrant expressions that nourish the soul.


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One of the first projects by StuporMundi was the StuporMundi Jazz Club, a temporary venue in Brescia, open from 2020 to 2022, which combined high-end cuisine and entertainment, with the aim of relaunching high-emotion event planner services after the torpor of the great COVID-19 crisis.

Having successfully completed the series of scheduled events and our relaunch mission, StuporMundi has gone back to its original vocation of promoting arts and culture as a free spirit of passion and sharing, carried by the wind of inspiration.
We strive to ensure our guests enjoy entertaining and informative events without compromise, never tarnished by the logic of profit.

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Discover the specialities of StuporMundi

History, Geopolitics and Philosophy

With the StuporMundi association, we spread our passion for history, philosophy and geopolitics. See the calendar of upcoming conferences and cultural events!

Music and the Liberal Arts

In its new capacity as a cultural association, StuporMundi also maintains its focus on music and the liberal arts: we are looking forward to enjoying new evenings dedicated to good music!

Case study: StuporMundi Jazz Club

One of the first projects by StuporMundi was the StuporMundi Jazz Club, a temporary venue in Brescia open from 2020 to 2022.



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