Stupor Mundi Jazz Club project



One of the first projects by StuporMundi was the StuporMundi Jazz Club, a temporary venue in Brescia,
open from 2020 to 2022, which combined high-end cuisine and entertainment,
with the aim of relaunching high-emotion event planner services after the torpor of the great COVID-19 crisis.

Having successfully completed the series of scheduled events and our relaunch mission, StuporMundi has gone back
to its original vocation of promoting arts and culture as a free spirit of passion and sharing, carried by the wind of inspiration.
We strive to ensure our guests enjoy entertaining and informative events without compromise, never tarnished by the logic of profit.



The chefs and the artistic concept

StuporMundi Jazz Club worked in partnership with two chefs and special people, Marco Cozza and Andrea de Carli.
Originally from Como, these two Italian culinary geniuses trained under the great master Gualtiero Marchesi
and continued their careers at Michelin-starred restaurants including Albereta and Del Cambio in Turin.

Already owners of the restaurant Rose Salò, Marco and Andrea took charge of the kitchens at the StuporMundi Jazz Club
and the catering for our group, SMG Meeting, offering guests a the very precious gift of a trip down memory lane.

“As we get older, we increasingly look back to things that have gone before. Beyond the chaos of everyday life, the act of
remembering is an intimate and profound experience that makes us stop, it makes us close our eyes and feel that deep
warmth full of consolation, to welcome with serenity that which matters most.
The smell of the lake, the grass in the field where you used to play, the taste of a thousand loving kisses: it is an explosion
of intimate memories and secrets which, found on a plate, are a source of consolation, peace and rebirth.”